Slim and sexy arms for summertime

June 9th, 2014

Is wearing sleeveless tops only happening in your dreams? Flabby arms can take all the fun out of summer wardrobes.

Sagging skin under the arms can happen at any age. Women who have lost a lot of weight will often be left with loose, wrinkled skin under the arms. Even women who are otherwise fit may find that diet and exercise isn’t enough to tighten flabby skin under the arms, and working out without proper diet and sufficient water can make matters worse.

Over time, the effects of aging, gravity and years of tanning can cause skin to lose elasticity and firmness. These “bingo wings” won’t go away no matter how much you exercise.

Now it’s possible to safely melt fat and contour upper arms at the same time! In just 3 to 4 treatments with the Exilis Elite, you can lose a half-inch to an inch or more in each arm. The hand-held device emits radiofrequency waves that warm the skin as your arm is massaged with the device. The temperature can be reduced for more heat-sensitive areas, making the FDA-approved device a safe, long-lasting solution to a frustrating problem.

Exilis Elite can make your dreams come true — those sizzling summer tops will look amazing with your sleek and shapely arms!

The Exilis Ultra at ABC Dermatology
The Exilis Ultra at ABC Dermatology
Exilis Ultra, as seen on Kathie Lee & Hoda Exilis Ultra, as seen on Kathie Lee & Hoda
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