Just can’t exercise away those chubby knees?

June 16th, 2014

Will you be hiding your knees in crops and maxi dresses all summer because you’re too embarrassed to wear short skirts and shorts? Are you tired of endless knee-slimming exercises with no results?

The truth is: no matter how much you work out, you can’t spot reduce specific areas of the body by exercising. You can tone and build muscle, which makes your knees look more fit, and you can diet to lose excess weight, but the fat will still be there. So you’ve lost weight and built muscle, but you’re still dealing with flabby knees. It’s so frustrating!

Now there is a solution that works! You can get rid of excess fat and tone the skin around the knee in just a few weeks … without surgery!
Exilis Elite eliminates fat cells with the use of radiofrequency (RF) waves that actually kill the cells. Fat cells don’t just get smaller, they’re totally eliminated from your body. So the number of fat cells in your knees is greatly reduced – up to 60% are gone.

And the added benefit of Exilis Elite is toning. As the cells are being killed, the skin is being tightened, getting rid of the excess wrinkles to make your knees look trim and tone.

You CAN have the slim knees you’ve dreamed of! Shorten your hemlines and bare your legs this summer. Ask your doctor about Exilis Elite.

The Exilis Ultra at ABC Dermatology
The Exilis Ultra at ABC Dermatology
Exilis Ultra, as seen on Kathie Lee & Hoda Exilis Ultra, as seen on Kathie Lee & Hoda
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